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Hosts of Eden is a modern radio drama, written and performed by Jay Mcfarland. Season 1's 11-part fictional podcast serial was just the beginning of the cliff-hanger science fiction fun. Season 2 drops March 5. While Marian and Mason are trying to adjust to their new role as guardians of the Genesis device, the nation is faced with a new threat. Someone or something is able to jump from one body to the next, allowing them to infiltrate high-security military installations and leaving a trail of bodies behind. No one knows what they are looking for or how to stop them. Having no other options, the President of the United States seeks Marian’s help with the hope that she can use her newfound abilities to track down this elusive enemy. Marian reluctantly agrees and is then on a path that eventually causes her to question whether or not the Hosts of Eden are the only ones who want the bodies of mankind. Jay Mcfarland is the host of "The JayMac News Show", which airs weekdays at 12:30 pm on Salt Lake City's KSL NewsRadio.
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May 11, 2017

(FICTION) In episode 7 of Hosts of Eden, psychiatrist Dr. Marian Turner and her patient Johnny make their way to the Comic Bookstore to see what conspiracy theorist Andrew Scott can tell them. They discovered Andrew Scott in an online video that describes symbols that Shelby drew earlier. In the video, Andrew hastily described that the symbol was affiliated with an ancient cult that could transfer souls from one body to another. Dr. Marian now believes her patient who she initially believed to be multiple personality disorder may, in fact, be something else. It's a long shot, but they really have no other ideas.

They confront Andrew about drawings and demand he reveals the truth behind them with the hopes that they learn something that’ll thwart the imposter-President. The imposter-President of the United States continues to push the nation towards World War III as the real Ronald Fillmore is stuck in Johnny’s body with three other personalities, Johnny, Johnny-Mason, and Johnny-Shelby.

Andrew takes them into a room that’s filled with the symbol, the All-Seeing Eye, that Shelby drew. Andrew tells them he believes there was a device that originated from Egypt that could transfer a soul from body to body. Johnny-Mason demands to see the device and asks if it can work in reverse, could it return Shelby, Mason, and Ronald to their original bodies. Andrew has no idea where the device, how to find it, nor if it works in reverse. However, Andrew suggests that there is a mysterious building nearby that has the symbol on it that Shelby was drawing.

Could that building hold the answer to all of their questions? Time is running out. Should they trust Andrew and go with him to the building or brush him off as a crazy person and continue their journey to assassinate the imposter-President?

"Hosts of Eden" is a fictional podcast, written and performed by Jay Mcfarland. Mcfarland is the Host of "The JayMac News Show,” which airs weekdays at 12:30-2 pm on Salt Lake City's KSL NewsRadio.

The JayMac News Show is hosted by KSL News Radio's Jay McFarland. KSL News Radio is part of Bonneville Media and based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Don’t forget to review and subscribe to the JayMac Mac News Show podcast on iTunes. Or follow Jay on Twitter and Instagram @JayMacNewsShow or on Facebook at  

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